Blanket Trays
Blanket Trays


Blanket Trays

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Handwoven bamboo baskets

These rounded baskets are traditionally used for a variety of tasks, such as sifting seeds, winnowing rice, washing beans, or drying fish or chilies in the sun. The weave and patterns reflect each basket’s specific use, so each basket is unique.  Use them to hold household items, as a kitchen tray, or even as statement pieces.

 ~ M: 36 – 40 cm
 ~ L: 41- 45 cm

100% bamboo~ made in Thailand

CARE & USE:  This is a handmade product; therefore, items can differ from one another. Sunlight can affect the tone color.


Atlas is a collection of unique handmade goods found in artisans’ ateliers and local markets all over the world. Decorative and functional pieces are made from high-quality raw materials, crafted to last as long as possible. With a passion for learning about worldwide cultures and a respect for traditional craftsmanship, Atlas gives individual pieces both context and meaning through thoughtful selection and presentation.